Should women teach in the church?

Should women teach in church?

This is a great point of contention in the church and in Christian circles. Do women have a right to teach the Bible? What does the word of God say about women teaching the word? Should women be seen in office at all? Should a woman pastor a church?

These are all relevant questions and should be answered, or at least an attempt must be made to answer these questions. I remember a Sunday morning at church, we had just finished a wonderful service during which I had brought the word. A woman had visited our church for the first time. After the service, she walked up to my husband and let it be known that she was not happy that a woman was teaching the word in church. My husband answered her, ‘Well, that is how we have been led in this church’. She left. We never saw her again. I guess she would have found a church that was exactly what she wanted.

I was called into ministry in 1998. I was not looking for it and neither asked for it. God called me to preach and teach His word. Did God know what Paul spoke of in 1 Corinthians 14:34-35? Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church. God knows all things. And so no one should attempt to put God in a box. He does new things everyday. Also remember that Paul was speaking to the people of Corinth, who were heavily influenced by geographical culture and ideology. Then, women were not allowed to participate in any decision making whatsoever, especially not in a governed public setting. But now the geography is not so. God is doing the calling, and the choosing and the sending. He can do what He likes.

And so unfortunately, for whatever reason that woman came into our church that day, her heart was so closed that she was not willing to hear anything, but that which she wanted.

I agree; it is hard for us to be agreeable of something that seems to stand against what we have been taught, or come to believe in. However if this is the case, then we shut every door on whatever new God might do. And in doing so, we can become a stumbling block for others, a reason why many might shun to obey God’s call on their lives because of others condemnation. If we have done this in the past, it is a source for repentance. A woman preaching in church does not disrespect her husband or the man seating in the pew. I preach alongside my husband! We love working together. We look forward with excitement at what God has for both of us to do! When a woman is teaching, she teaches according to the office that God has placed upon her life. It is God who placed it upon her life. I love Romans 11:29 – it says God’s gift and call is irrevocable. In as much as some do not like women preaching or teaching, they really can’t revoke it. And don’t you just thank God that NO ONE can revoke His gift! Otherwise they would have indeed tried.

I thank God I have never been moved by such leanings. I lean solely on what God has said to me. And yet I cannot help but think that others have allowed such judgmental and insensitive words and norms to get in their way and service. And so if you are one of those, I want you to think again of He who called you. And refuse to give dogma the last word.

Linda Faith

Linda faith is the Editor in Chief of Jewels Magazine. She has authored eight books. She is a prolific writer and powerful speaker, inspiring many women to be all God has called them to be. She is the founder of Joy Women’s conference which reaches out to empower, inspire and motivate women in their faith walk. She was a software developer before she started writing.