I love
I love the closeness of You.
I love the beauty of You.
I love You near.

You give me life.
You give me hope
You give rest to my soul.
You are my peace.

You give…
Peace that passes all understanding,
Peace that stills all my fears.
Peace which turns my darkness into light,
Making the shadows disappear.

Precious Lord…
You are the love of my life.

Joanie Miller

Joanie Miller authors children’s books. She lives in California.
I love writing and have enjoyed journaling all my life. I’ve been writing articles for Jewels Magazine over the last year, and love sharing about the Lord and encouraging others in our faith. I’m a published author of a children’s book:”Help,Lord! I Need A Bandage On My Heart.” I’m almost ready to publish my second book in the “Help Lord” series in a few months. In 2009 I received a diploma from LongRidge Writers Group, and I received an Honorable Mention Certificate in the Writer’s Digest 76th Annual Writing Competition. I feel very priviledged to have this opportunity to write for Jewels Magazine.