You are beautiful

You are beautiful

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little sad about issues and situations in my life, and found myself getting discouraged and down on myself. I started to write my prayers to God with my list of complaints; but instead I switched it up and began writing about who He is and proclaiming who he is in my life. As I wrote, He began to show me His perspective: how He had “uniquely” designed” me for His glory. With this understanding, Romans 8:33 “Who shall bring any charge against Gods elect…” took on a whole new meaning for me!

I began to write with the realization that—who was I to bring charge against myself about who and how God made me! If God made and designed me to be “me,” how special is that!

So often, as women, we look at our flaws and feel like we don’t measure up and so we get down on ourselves. In putting ourselves down we are bringing charge against Gods elect, (us)…His beloved… who He died for…and who He created. We should not look down on by ourselves and neither should others.

I began to see how incredible the reality is of there being only one of me; one of each of us. We were thought of in the heart of God before we were even conceived. And why would we even think about not liking who we are or try to look like others or compare ourselves to someone else? We are beautiful because in God’s eyes we are. He made us the way we are on purpose, because it pleased His heart. Rev. 4:11 “For thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

Just looking at creation, it’s clear God knows full well how to make beautiful things. We may ask, what about someone with a disability or difficult life? There’s nothing more beautiful than to see someone who against all odds has risen up and overcome obstacles in this life. Those are the ones we stand up and cheer for, because they are beautiful. God equips us to be the best us we can be, when we yield our life to Him. We are beautiful, our God says we are; who can argue with that? You are beautiful, just being you.

Song of Solomon 4:11 “Behold you are beautiful, my love. Behold you are beautiful.”

Joanie Miller
I love writing and have enjoyed journaling all my life. I’ve been writing articles for Jewels Magazine over the last year, and love sharing about the Lord and encouraging others in our faith. I’m a published author of a children’s book:”Help,Lord! I Need A Bandage On My Heart.” I’m almost ready to publish my second book in the “Help Lord” series in a few months. In 2009 I received a diploma from LongRidge Writers Group, and I received an Honorable Mention Certificate in the Writer’s Digest 76th Annual Writing Competition. I feel very priviledged to have this opportunity to write for Jewels Magazine.